SEO Sydney

With so many SEO Sydney companies, it can be difficult to know which is best for you. How can you choose the best SEO company Sydney, or indeed Australia-wide? Generally you need to take some time to do some research, if you don’t want to make a mistake. SEO is an investment in your company, and a decent sized one. It should not be rushed into¬† based on big promises.

Initially, avoid any company who promises ‘first place on google!’ or ‘first page in 10 days’ kind of offers. It is untrue. If they have managed to do it, it is being done by what is called ‘black hat’ techniques, which will get you banned from the search engine either soon after, or with the next big search engine update. A lot of Sydney websites suffered losses with recent changes and updates in search engines.

Nobody can guarantee first position anywhere, we are at the mercy of search engine algorithms. However we can certainly aim for it, and almost always achieve it. But we never promise it :-)  Similarly, nobody can guarantee first page listing within a small space of time, as a lot of different factors need to be considered. A lot of companies will tel you thing you want to hear, to get your money. You waste $2000-$15,000, and get pretty much zero result. Or worse, a great result fraudulently, then complete disappearance from the search engine! Disaster.

An online presence in Sydney is almost the same as your main business reputation. If you are behaving underhandedly, or coming and going from search results, it’s not very professional or stable. So any SEO company working like maniacs to bring you thousands of ‘links’ is eventually going to ruin you, as the search engines can see these are not ‘organic’ or naturally occurring, they are contrived (same ip address, duplicate wording or content, too many in one day etc)

Also search forums, listen to word of mouth. An occasional disgruntled comment can be overlooked, but the majority opinion on something is usually pretty clear. As a premium choice, trust the SEO Sydney company that is trusted by hundreds and thousands of big international names, and personal bloggers alike: Expert SEO Sydney offers local knowledge, calm experienced methodical work, and superb long lasting results.

Our group of knowledgeable, expert professionals can protect you from damage and keep you placed where you want to be.Anything else is a compromise.