SEO Packages

We have SEO packages to suit most budgets.

Timing – With all SEO work, it takes time and adjustments to see results. Some results come faster than others, but they all take time to be picked up by the search engines, then reflected in their next update, monitored by our team and configured to maintain those results. As such, we do not work with people for less than 6 months minimum, as all our hard work is wasted if they decide to stop the work in a few weeks or months.

We are expert in search engine patterns and behaviours, so we know what it takes to cater to them. 12 month SEO packages are the regular commitment for a company seeking solid, long term stability and results in search success. We offer our sincerest commitment to achieving the most we can for your time and money. We do not take on every client, so we always make sure we have enough people to dedicate to each single website requirement.


seo-packages-budget-levelsBasic – Our basic SEO packages offer 1-2 hours of work per day, (you decide how many days, but at least 3 is recommended),  to ensure your keywords and keyword density are maintained, that the records for these results are carefully recorded and watched. We will ensure your keywords are placed for your locality as well as your industry, since statistics show that most people will search for solutions in their local areas. We will check all your website coding to ensure there are no errors causing problems with robot crawling. This package is suitable for personal sites, smaller businesses who don’t need to conquer the world yet, and those on a pretty limited budget. We can advise you on a lot of things you can do yourself, saving you money on billable hours. Basic packages start with a 6 month commitment.


Solid – Our solid SEO packages offer 3-5 hours of work per day, (you decide how many days, but at least 4 is recommended), for the more serious business owner. We check all your website coding, ensure all your keywords and keyword density are maintained, with locality optimization also. We also maintain links both coming in and going out of  your site, so you are receiving a good amount of return links, but organically, so you are not penalized for masses of ‘back links’. Back links is a tedious Grey hat SEO technique (Grey because it’s not exactly black, but it’s not really ethical either, leaving many people’s sites banned from Google for too many backlinks all at once.) Some SEO companies thought this was a good idea to get search engines to think your site is important because of all the links that come to you.. We have never employed this lazy technique, and as a result, our clients have never been suddenly penalized out of their search positions. Search engine robots and corporations are not stupid. They can see which sites are grown naturally and organically, and which ones are artificially boosted. We know the ways to ensure you are never banned from a search engine, as much as humanly possible. In addition to that, we can help you to maintain your blog posts and article writing, so your website content remains regularly changed and fresh. That way, search engines know your site is not stagnant and dead, but something with current information. There are still some things you can do yourself, saving you some money on billable hours with our staff. Solid packages have a 6 month minimum, 12 is recommended for maintaining and building on invested techniques and success.


Perfection – The Perfection packages are for very dedicated business people and companies who expect to be number one wherever possible. With 6-9 hours work per day, (7 days), your website will be attended to on every level, from coding, to keywords, keyword density to content, domain name to online reputation. Image names and editing will be managed, with daily and even mutli-day reports for us to maintain the success of your program. Social networking can be managed/ integrated for popularity.  Repairs to links and old pages, removal of old SEO mistakes, updated static content where needed, fresh blog and article content created, fresh logos and image can be provided if required, and full service promotional techniques applied. The Perfection package is a total tune up and maintenance, for the business that is too busy to handle different areas, and just wants everything done professionally, in uniform order. Usually a specialist will be dedicated to your site personally, to oversee all aspects of maintenance and performance. Perfection packages have a 12 month minimum.


website-design-professionalsWeb Design – Our web design can range from simple lovely websites starting at around $800-$1200, and can range up to fully integrated e-commerce and database systems with intricate design, reaching into the $10,000’s – each case is different depending on the requirements, coding and hours involved etc.

For those with a specific budget, we can certainly start with something that fits your budget, and add to it as we go, if you wish. We understand there are cheaper companies offering web design, but please remember you get what you pay for. There are things search engines favour over others, and correct and up to date coding is just one of them.

If you are serious about your online presence and search results, correct codes and formatting, as well as a pleasant visitor experience is essential.


Please contact us to discuss the best options for your needs, or for a consultation and free quote.